Our team has been in dentistry for over 50+ years as practice sales specialists, consultants, dental practice managers & dental software trainers. We specialize in practice sales as well as embezzlement prevention and discovery, to make dental health professionals feel safe to run their own dental practice.

During our 50+ years of experience, we have seen our share of effective and ineffective practices in running a dental office and we have taken notes! We’ve been fortunate enough in many situations to ‘take the reins’ of a failing practice, apply some best practice techniques based on our experience, and have seen the offices take root and soar as a result!

Unfortunately, we’ve also watched the decline of practices in which the owners were resistant to implementing even the simplest of changes. That’s why we believe that a dental practice can flourish if we are given the opportunity to help with firm rooting.

Our relationship with the dental health professional is ongoing. Having a dental practice is a continuous and challenging process that we want to be a part of. We are here to witness the continued success and growth of our clients’ dental practices.